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The McCozy Story 

Hello! My name is Nicole and I am the owner of McCozy Bottoms. I love making and using cloth diapers for so many reasons. I diaper my own baby in McCozy Bottoms and it has saved me lots of money, plus it’s gentle on her bottom and the environment. 

McCozy Bottoms’ specialty is handmade cloth diapers. We offer adorable pocket, preflat and fitted diapers made from supersoft, breathable and durable polyurethane laminated (PUL) fabric, athletic wicking jersey, and an ever-broadening array of natural fibers including organic cotton, hemp velour, bamboo and merino wool.


Our goal at McCozy Bottoms is to bring you high quality at comfy prices. This year we’re excited to introduce a fun assortment of matching children’s clothing and some cute new prints that we hope your family will enjoy for years to come. Thank you for supporting McCozy Bottoms!

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